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Frame Tents

Frame tents are made specially for outdoor events that require shelter on asphalt, concrete or over a deck or driveway. Please read below for more information.


  1. Can be staked in asphalt (holes are plugged at break down).              
  2. Must be weighted on concrete in order not to damage area.                
  3. Placed over low decks and driveways by staking into grass around the area.                                                                                                                            
  4. Able to be placed close to buildings due to lack of ropes/stakes.


Side Walls: 

  1. We offer 20ft sections which come in a variety of styles.



  1. Only offered with rental of our tents and side walls.                                  
  2. Minimum of 3 sides of the tent must be covered in order for heater to work efficiently.



  1. Tents come in a variety of sizes depedant upon the installation area, number of guests, and other variables.
  2. Please contact us for more information.



  1. Due to the number of sizes we offer, price structures vary.
  2. All tents require non-refundable deposits which vary based on the size of the tent.
  3. Please contact us for details.


Due to the amount of sizes and different areas in which tents are placed, pricing is available only through contacting a sales rep via e-mail or by phone.



Frame Tents
Frame Tents
Frame Tents
Frame Tents
Frame Tents
Frame Tents
Frame Tents